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Requisition Number: 42481
Position Title: Developer/Programmer Staff Augmentation Event
Location: Remote MINNESOTA United States
Duration: 7 months
Recruiter Name: Sreejit Pisharam
Recruiter Email: sreejit.p.ilink@tajtech.com

Job Description


Sample Tasks

•Analyze, triage, and document Appeon PowerBuilder 2017 R3 full build errors on Windows 10 device

•Review most recent Appeon PowerBuilder 2017 R3 maintenance release update and Appeon PowerBuilder 2019 R2 upgrade documentation, as recommended in Appeon Bug #5047

•Determine appropriate path for solution to resolve build/Windows 10 issue: update or upgrade

•Update: Review, download, install most recent Appeon PowerBuilder 2017 R3 maintenance release; or

•Upgrade: Review, download, install most recent Appeon PowerBuilder 2019 R2 maintenance release

•Perform PowerBuilder update/upgrade to make software build functionality compatible with Windows 10

•Review Appeon PowerBuilder IDE full build/deployment process

•Collaborate with junior developers to review and synchronize current Client of source code and prepare new source code for full build, resulting in a new baseline “source of truth”

•Create source code library, code repository, version control document

•Perform PowerBuilder full build

•Prepare test plans for functional and user acceptance testing

•Perform functional testing to ensure desirable results and perform debugging when necessary

•Review and update PowerBuilder deployment tasks

•Deploy PowerBuilder executables and libraries to designated network server(s)

•Develop PowerBuilder coding solutions for OSHA credit inspection on FTA and new citation penalty defect and for Apprenticeship Active Sponsor count in Performance Measure Report

•Collaborate with Informix database administrator

•Provide knowledge transfer to Client staff

•Perform other related duties as assigned


Minimum Qualifications

•Five (5) years’ experience in Developer/Programmer role

•A Master’s degree substitutes for three years of experience, or a Bachelor’s degree substitutes for two years, or an Associate’s degree substitutes for one year

•Two (2) engagements lasting more than six (6) months each in Developer/Programmer role within the last three (3) years using SAP PowerBuilder 12.5 or Appeon PowerBuilder 2017 or higher


Desired Skills

•Excellent knowledge with relational databases, Informix

•Detail-oriented and excellent concentration ability

•An analytical mindset and critical thinking

•Demonstrable ability to discover and fix errors in code

•Strong communication and documentation skills

•Proven experience as a programmer or relevant role

•Excellent knowledge transfer skills

“TAJ Technologies, Inc. is an EEO/AA Employer: women, minorities, the disabled and veterans are encouraged to apply”

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